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15 Feb 2016

Miriama Smith Stars In ‘Filthy Rich’

Three illegitimate children discover they each have a claim to the fortune of one of New Zealand’s wealthiest men, John Truebridge. With so much money on the line, John’s legitimate family will do anything to stop these new, unexpected heirs! Starring Miriama Smith (Moz) as Brady.

06 Feb 2013

‘Mt Zion’ Starring Miriama Smith

A talented musician, Turei dreams of his band being the support act for Bob Marley’s 1979 tour. But it’s a dream that challenges the values of his upbringing and will set him at odds with his family – particularly his father. Starring Miriama Smith (Moz) as Layla.

17 Jun 2012

‘True Crime: Siege’ Starring Miriama Smith & Kelson Henderson

What was meant to be an ordinary procedure turned into three of New Zealand’s darkest days and ended with one police officer dead, two officers critically injured and a member of the public fighting for his life. Starring Miriama Smith (Moz) as Delwyn Keefe and Kelson Henderson (Pony Joe) as Mark Glentworth.

28 Jul 2010

‘Stolen’ Starring Miriama Smith

An emotional thriller based on the real life 2002 kidnapping of Baby Kahu Durie. New Zealand watched the anguish and courage of the parents and the calm forensic approach of the Police as they worked together to bring Baby Kahu home. Starring Miriama Smith (Moz) as Donna Hall.

02 May 2010

‘Kaitangata Twitch’ Starring Miriama Smith

It’s fifty years since Shelly Gentry disappeared. But now Kaitangata is twitching. Only 13 year old Meredith can stop it. If she can discover what it wants before it’s too late. Before it claims another victim. Starring Miriama Smith (Moz) as Grace Gallagher.

16 Jan 2010

Miriama Smith Guest Stars In ‘Legend Of The Seeker’

Miriama Smith (Moz) guest stars in LEGEND OF THE SEEKER as Du’Chaillu. After the mysterious murder of his father, a son’s search for answers begins a momentous fight against tyranny.