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11 Sep 2017

‘Flat Race 2017’ Edited By Joseph Crawford

Flat Race is a satirical web-series that brings the drama of the NZ General Election right into your living room. Edited by Joseph Crawford (Darryl).

22 Jun 2017

Antonia Prebble Guest Stars In ‘Stand Up Girl’

A sex worker cum comedian, and what it really means to be a girl. Guest starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Drunk Bride / Cheryl.

03 Apr 2017

Fleur Saville Guest Stars In ‘The Video Store’

Stacey is secretly stressing about the legacy of her video store while dealing with the daily hardships of customers, staff and the Internet. Guest starring Fleur Saville (Ruby).

01 Oct 2016

Michelle Ang Guest Stars In ‘Best Thing You’ll Ever Do’

Mae Murrai, a late-blooming entrepreneur grapples with the tough decision to have a baby while she’s busting her hump to see her career dreams come true. Guest starring Michelle Ang (Tai San) as Sena.

07 Feb 2016

Lee Donoghue Stars In ‘Fall Into Me: British Billionaire’

After securing a position at one of the top real estate agencies in Los Angeles, Laura finds herself with a wealthy client, Trevor (Lee Donoghue – Spike) who has his sights set on her. Finding it difficult to resist his charm, she struggles between relationship and job.

10 Apr 2014

Fleur Saville Guest Stars In ‘HelLa’

Fleur Saville (Ruby) guest stars in HELLA, the brainchild of LA native, Rory Uphold. This is her love / hate letter to the city she calls home.