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26 Aug 2017

The Tribe: Reboot [Episode 4]

Zoot leads an assault on the Demon Dogs, but this appears to be a distraction so that Ebony and Spike can track down Trudy and Bray. Later, Amber, Bray, and Trudy encounter the residents of the Mall.

13 Aug 2017

Site Updates – 13th August 2017

Several quality-of-life updates and improvements have been implemented to the site today. There have also been several additions to the Cast section.

13 Aug 2017

Antonia Prebble Guest Stars In ‘Stand Up Girl’ [Backdated Post]

A sex worker cum comedian, and what it really means to be a girl. Guest starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Drunk Bride / Cheryl.

29 Jul 2017

Caleb Ross Defends Brian Ladoon [Backdated Post]

Caleb Ross (Lex) takes to Youtube to defend Brian Ladoon’s use of chains on his dogs. Caleb knows Brian well, having helped document his journey in The Last Dogs Of Winter.

17 Jul 2017

Coming Up: An Interview With Kelly Stevenson

A new interview with Kelly Stevenson, who played the role of Dee in The Tribe, is coming up next!

02 Jul 2017

The Tribe: Reboot [Episode 3]

Trudy begins to begrudge the interaction between Bray and Amber. Meanwhile, preparations at the Mall continue whilst Zoot finally figures out just why the Demon Dogs seem to be one step ahead.