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Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E21

TRUDY decides to take her depression into her own hands by drowning a bunch of sleeping pills and is discovered by SALENE, who chooses to do nothing about it. Although TRUDY regains consciousness, DAL suffers from guilty feelings for having having brought the pills into the mall to begin with. And the relationship between DAL and JACK is strained when DAL chooses to spend more time helping restore TRUDY to health than working with JACK on this homemade battery charger.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E20

As the Mallrats prepare for the impending attack on the mall by the Locos, BRAY sets EBONY straight with the truth about ZOOT’s mysterious disappearance and comes to an agreement with the Locos’ new leader. Meanwhile ZANDRA learns of LEX’s indiscretions that led to EBONY’s escape and refuses to forgive him. Matters may not be improved when TAI SAN decides to make things more harmonious.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E19

Following her encounter with LEX, EBONY escapes the mall, leaving the Mallrats to wonder if they’re safe in staying. Meanwhile PAUL’s disappearance has PATSY worried, and TRUDY finally comes clean to AMBER with her feelings about BRAY and SALENE’s budding romance.