New Blooper Reels From The Tribe [Calen Maiava-Paris Update]

Tribeworld have just released an update to their series of new blooper compilation videos from The Tribe, this time featuring Calen Maiava-Paris (Mega).

15th Sep 18

An Interview With Morgan Palmer Hubbard

THETRIBE.CO.UK presents an interview with Morgan Palmer Hubbard who played the role of Patch in THE TRIBE.
11th Sep 18

Candid Outtakes & Making of Moments From Series 1

The Tribe Official have just released a montage of behind-the-scenes moments from series 1 of The Tribe.
8th Sep 18

Coming Soon … An Interview With Morgan Palmer Hubbard

Coming soon! … Our next Tribe Cast Interview is with Morgan Palmer Hubbard, who played the role of Patch is series 4 of The Tribe!
19th Aug 18

In Production – Disturbing The Peace

Having just worked with writer and director York Alec Shackleton on 211 (which co-starred Hollywood veteran Nicholas Cage) Dwayne Cameron teams up with Shackleton again for the upcoming film Disturbing The Peace.
16th Aug 18

Amazon Prime Release – Season 2

Season 2 of The Tribe has just been released onto the US version of Amazon Prime!
16th Aug 18

Review – 211

I’m not even sure if I can do this, but I give 211, -5 stars. The stars it could have earned should go to The Dark Horse, giving it a grand total of 10 stars. Yes. That is how much I didn't like this movie.
11th Aug 18

May & Salene Deleted Kiss Scene Recovered – Part IV

'Salene's diary' is a continuation of the encounter between Salene and May which was deleted in series 5 of The Tribe. This is the fourth clip in their restoration of these deleted scenes from the archives.
9th Aug 18

Amazon Prime Release

The digital availability of The Tribe has been expanded to include the Amazon Prime Video platform.
22nd Jul 18

The Tribe Making Its Way To Amazon Prime Video

Tribeworld have announced that The Tribe is now making its way onto Amazon Prime Video.
22nd Jul 18

In Production – Fighting Season

A six-part event drama that surrounds the invisible men and women who fight for their country (Australia), what they bring home from the war, discovering what of themselves they've left behind, the secrets that must remain hidden. Starring Jay Ryan (Blue) as Sgt Sean Collins.
17th Jul 18

[Backdated Post] Ari Boyland Guest Stars In ‘Harrow’

Harrow tells the story of Dr. Daniel Harrow, a forensic pathologist with a total disregard for authority. Guest starring Ari Boyland (KC) as Janik Hartmann.
17th Jul 18