An editorial is a featured article written for publication for THETRIBE.CO.UK which discusses any aspect of the post-apocalyptic teen drama series, The Tribe. Editorials are composed on a regular basis by our Site Authors, but we also accept guest content submissions.

Any content from Guest Contributors must first pass our internal guidelines in order to be accepted.

  • Editorials submitted for publication must be accompanied by the author’s name – as well as a contactable email address – so that we can send any confirmation, acceptance or rejection notices
  • We accept submissions of work not of your own composition, however, alongside the above, the location of where the editorial was originally published (if applicable) should also be included
  • An editorial can contain any subject matter that most interests an author from within the world of The Tribe – and this does not have to be positive. Authors however must remain respectable within their editorials
  • Even if there already is an editorial with a similar subject matter to the one an author wishes to submit, the newer editorial can still be accepted. We welcome differing opinions and viewpoints on every subject matter contained here. Counter arguments and discussion editorials are encouraged
  • Authors are free to submit editorials with a variety of different lengths, however, we will not accept any work composed of content less than three standard paragraphs in length
  • Though we aim to preserve the content, feel and tone of all editorials, by submitting your work for publication, authors agree that their editorials may undergo some editing. This may include adjustments for formatting or other changes which are deemed necessary
  • Upon submission, authors agree that we are held under no obligation to publish an editorial within a specified timeframe. Editorials will be published as and when required, or may be held back to be published at a later date

Submissions for fan fiction follow the general rules which are outlined above. Please also include a short synopsis, which series and main characters the story pertains to, and an Age Verification Rating, alongside your content.

We also accept submissions for the following tribal content:

  • Artwork
  • Cosplay Photos
  • Memorabilia Items
  • Music Videos
  • Trailers & Promos
  • … Anything tribal!


Submissions can be sent via our email – – or within a Facebook message to our page.