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30 Aug 2016

Amelia Reynolds Performs In ‘Thomus’

Thomus is in a new city; falling in new love; making new friends. He will let his new power be known. Inspired by David Lynch films and youthful angst, THOMUS will be one quick, impact-full, psycho-thriller. Starring Amelia Reynolds (Tally).

11 Jul 2016

Amelia Reynolds Stars In ‘The Making Of The Mob: Chicago’

Follow the story of Al Capone, from his start in New York and his move to Chicago to follow and join Johnny Torrio. Learn how their work for Big Jim Colosimo and the decisions they made stemmed from changing times and helped shape the history of crime in Depression-era Chicago. Starring Amelia Reynolds (Tally) as Mae Coughlan.

19 Feb 2015

Amelia Reynolds Performs In ‘The Memory Shelf’

A bustling hub until the late 80s, Arohanui has struggled to reclaim its glory since the demand for fax machines died out. Inexplicably. But when your home changes from rural-hotspot to eerie no-mans-land how do you choose to remember it? Especially if you can’t leave. Starring Amelia Reynolds (Tally).

11 Mar 2014

Amelia Reynolds Performs In ‘Stomach’

Amelia Reynolds (Tally) performs in STOMACH, a play addressing the deeper issues for women around eating disorders.

25 Feb 2013

Amelia Reynolds Performs In ‘High School Hangover’

Henrietta (Amelia Reynolds – Tally) is probably the coolest cat she knows. Rockstar best friend, high-flying boyfriend and a tight as bunch of kickass mates! She’s 10yrs on from high school and living the dream. So what if Henny’s world is a tad…unbelievable. Perception IS reality, right?

24 Jul 2012

Amelia Reynolds Performs In ‘Inviting Caroline’

CAROLINE slept with CHRIS who’s pestering HILLARY who’s friends with FIONA (Amelia Reynolds – Tally) who tolerates SEBASTIAN who’s bugging SCOTT who’s starting to wonder if Inviting Caroline was a really BAD IDEA.