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James Ordish

ANDY A young scamp looking to trick others in order to a make a quick deal and profit, Andy is the younger sibling of Ned, and twin to Tally. Andy quickly finds himself admiring KC and is eager to follow in his footsteps. Andy is captured, alongside Alice, Tally and Taisan, during the Techno invasion. Cast Archive < Back To Cast Gallery Archive Atlantis High Freaky The Legend Of William Tell The Murder House Back to collection jQuery(document).ready(function($) { if(typeof(gg_galleries_init) == "function") {gg_galleries_init("5ab692d3232a0");}});

Series 3

The first day dawns on the age of Zoot. Newcomer Pride explains how his tribe live in harmony with the animal world under the leadership of the enigmatic Eagle, but what is her real identity?

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