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06 Oct 2018

New Blooper Reels From The Tribe [Beth Allen #2 Update]

Tribeworld have just released an update to their series of new blooper compilation videos from The Tribe, with a second set of focus on Beth Allen (Amber).

29 Oct 2017

Beth Allen Stars In ‘Dulux Colours Of New Zealand’ Ad

Beth McDermott / Allen (Amber) features within the latest advert for Dulux titled, Colours Of New Zealand.

31 Jul 2017

Beth McDermott Guest Stars In ‘Westside’

Beth McDermott (Amber) guest stars in Westside, tales of crime and passion in Auckland, New Zealand, spanning from 1974 through to 1979. Starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Rita West and Todd Emerson (Stats) as Bilkey Van Heeder.

25 Dec 2016

An Audio Interview With Beth McDermott

THETRIBE.CO.UK presents an audio interview with Beth McDermott (formerly Allen) who played the role of Amber in THE TRIBE.

05 Nov 2016

Upcoming Interviews With The Tribe Cast

New interviews incoming with Vanessa Stacey (Alice), Matt Robinson (Slade) and Beth McDermott (Amber)!

04 Apr 2015

Beth Allen Co-Develops ‘The Generation Of Z’

THE GENERATION OF Z is an immersive live experience that puts you squarely into the dark heart of a zombie massacre. Co-created and produced by Beth Allen (Amber).