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Dan Weekes

VED Impulsive, headstrong and unpredictable, Ved’s impressive computer skills are at odds with his teenage attitude. Loyal to Ram, Ved however finds himself falling for a ‘virt’ and demands that Ram let him see Cloe. After a battle within reality space, Ved mysteriously disappears, and has not been seen since. Cast Archive < Back To Cast Gallery Archive 6Equj5 Engaged Estranged Forbidden Fruit Lies & Fabrications Quench Sleepless In Seaton Two Bodies, One Night « Back to collection

‘6Equj5’ Starring Dan Weekes

Alex (Dan Weekes) is a young photographer with the talent and ability to have the life he dreams of. However an unforeseen event will forever change his life and Alex must find a way though his pain and fears and just possibly answer one of the biggest questions in history.

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