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15 Mar 2017

Review – The Last Great Snail Chase

There are some great moments, and I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere about not wasting your life, but it gets lost among long drawn out banter about anarchism.

01 Aug 2013

Mall Rat Chronicles

Years into the future, destiny lends a hand in bringing together the children of the now disbanded Mall Rats in an effort to find a cure to the rampaging virus which threatens them all.

16 Apr 2007

‘The Last Great Snail Chase’ Featuring Sally Martin, Michael Wesley-Smith & Caleb Ross

The sky is cracking apart, whales walk the earth, and a colossal tidal wave threatens to destroy the planet. And a bumble bee’s life hangs in the balance. Featuring Sally Martin (Kandy) as Josie, Michael Wesley-Smith (Jack) as Daniel, and Caleb Ross (Lex) as Rob.