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Damon Andrews

GUARDIAN This extremely devoted follower of Zoot had created an entire religion surrounding the legacy of the infamous Loco leader. But no one seems to be certain exactly how ‘crazy’ the Guardian appears to be. After a battle against the Mall Rats, the Guardian has been captured and is being held in confinement. Cast Archive < Back To Cast Gallery Archive Revelations: The Initial Journey Back to collection jQuery(document).ready(function($) { if(typeof(gg_galleries_init) == "function") {gg_galleries_init("5b03f333565a1");}});

A New Dawn

Following many challenges, the Mall Rats find themselves faced with an even greater struggle as they try to unravel the many unexplained mysteries they now encounter.

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Series 3

The first day dawns on the age of Zoot. Newcomer Pride explains how his tribe live in harmony with the animal world under the leadership of the enigmatic Eagle, but what is her real identity?

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Series 2

In order to search for the cure the tribe must leave the mountain and return to the city where the antidote is rumoured to be hidden. As they prepare for the journey, a horrific accident occurs.

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