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Jacinta Wawatai

MOUSE Vocal, fun loving, and rather mischievous, this young member of the Mall Rats has remained upbeat, despite the loss of her brother, Charlie. After the various trials within the tribe, Mouse eventually decided to remain amongst the Gaians and embrace both the peace and safety that they could offer her. Cast Archive < Back To Cast Gallery Archive King Kong Mee-Shee The Water Giant Out Of The Blue The Killian Curse Back to collection jQuery(document).ready(function($) { if(typeof(gg_galleries_init) == "function") {gg_galleries_init("5b03f8b1b3978");}});

‘King Kong’ Featuring Jacinta Wawatai

After a movie crew travel to a mysterious island to shoot their picture, they encounter a giant and furious gorilla who takes their leading actress and form a special relationship with her, protecting the beautiful lady at all costs. Featuring Jacinta Wawatai (Mouse) as Feral Child.

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Series 5

From order to disorder, from peace to war, from stability to chaos, as the series draws to a close, the tribes’ face their future together. Has the dream been realised?

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Series 4

The Techno invasion has begun – they are clearly technologically advanced but who are they and where have they come from? Rumours abound the city that they could be adults!

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