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Calen Maiava-Paris

MEGA Smart, devious, with a sharp mind that can lay out multiple plans and agendas, there is definitely more than meets the eye with this Techno officer. Though it is unclear what exactly the end goal of the AI version of Zoot was meant to achieve, Mega died trying to stop it from unleashing the new virus. Cast Archive < Back To Cast Gallery Archive Berlin International Film Festival 2015 Reservoir Hill Back to collection jQuery(document).ready(function($) { if(typeof(gg_galleries_init) == "function") {gg_galleries_init("5b03f0aedf059");}});

Series 5

From order to disorder, from peace to war, from stability to chaos, as the series draws to a close, the tribes’ face their future together. Has the dream been realised?

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Series 4

The Techno invasion has begun – they are clearly technologically advanced but who are they and where have they come from? Rumours abound the city that they could be adults!

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