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11 Sep 2018

An Interview With Morgan Palmer Hubbard

THETRIBE.CO.UK presents an interview with Morgan Palmer Hubbard who played the role of Patch in THE TRIBE.

19 Aug 2018

Coming Soon … An Interview With Morgan Palmer Hubbard

Coming soon! … Our next Tribe Cast Interview is with Morgan Palmer Hubbard, who played the role of Patch is series 4 of The Tribe!

15 Dec 2002

Morgan Palmer Hubbard Guest Stars In ‘Revelations: The Initial Journey’

Follow 16-year-old boy, Jess’ (Tom Hern – Ram) journey through life and time itself. Each episode contains a story from a different time and place in world history. Guest starring Morgan Palmer Hubbard (Patch) as Aran.

20 Apr 2002

‘Superfire’ Featuring Jay Ryan & Morgan Palmer Hubbard

A firefighter pilot blames himself for the death of his previous colleagues and gets a new assignment with a raging forest fire in Portland, Oregon, that has the whole city in jeopardy. Featuring Jay Ryan (Blue) as Dennis and Morgan Palmer Hubbard (Patch) as Elliott Ross.

05 Jan 2002
08 May 1999

Beth Allen, Michelle Ang & Morgan Palmer Hubbard Star In ‘A Twist In The Tale: The Green Dress’

A storyteller tells stories to a group of kids and the characters in these stories are the kids themselves. Starring Beth Allen (Amber), Michelle Ang (Tai San) and Morgan Palmer Hubbard (Patch).