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‘6Equj5’ Starring Dan Weekes

Alex (Dan Weekes) is a young photographer with the talent and ability to have the life he dreams of. However an unforeseen event will forever change his life and Alex must find a way though his pain and fears and just possibly answer one of the biggest questions in history.

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‘Pleroma’ Starring Dwayne Cameron

After seven years in prison, tow truck driver Abraxas ‘Mach’ Machelvie (Dwayne Cameron – Bray) finds that the universe works in mysterious ways, and life is not as it seems. In a meditation we dive back into his memories and see the twists and turns that got him to this point in his life.

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‘Echoes’ Featuring Michelle Ang

An expectant father waiting in a bar, an executive driving home, an astronaut in space, a young woman going for a late night swim and a singer (Michelle Ang – Tai San) waiting to go on stage are all experiencing a surreal moment of clarity.

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