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The Tribe: Reboot

The Tribe: Reboot is a modern motion comic adaptation of the post-apocalyptic television series created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin.

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Lee Donoghue

SPIKE Loco grunt and leader of the militia, made up of the former Locos, Spike adores Ebony and will do anything for her. When Ebony is about to be found out concerning the attempted poisoning of Tai San, she tasks Spike with taking the fall ... which he does. Cast Archive < Back To Cast Gallery Archive Atlantis High Fall Into Me: British Billionaire Futile Attraction Ollie Revelations: The Initial Journey Shortland Street Back to collection jQuery(document).ready(function($) { if(typeof(gg_galleries_init) == "function") {gg_galleries_init("5adb8bc465030");}});