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13 Jan 2018

The Tribe: Reboot [Episode 6]

Ebony makes a play for power as Queen of the Locos alongside Zoot. Meanwhile, Tai San begins to feel that something special is happening within the Mall.

24 Apr 2017

The Tribe: Reboot [Episode 1]

Lex, Ryan and Zandra keep to the safety of the sewers as they try to figure out what to do, eventually encountering Jack alone in the mall. Meanwhile, as Amber and Dal lament on the past, Trudy reveals to Bray her desperate situation.

24 Apr 2017

The Tribe: Reboot

The Tribe: Reboot is a modern motion comic adaptation of the post-apocalyptic television series created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin.

17 Apr 2017

The Tribe: Reboot – 24.04.2017

The countdown is on! On the anniversary date of THE TRIBE’s original UK air date, we will be launching the first episode of The Tribe: Reboot project.

03 Jan 2017

The Tribe: Reboot [Bob Tease Footage]

A sneak peak test footage of Bob walking in the mall for our future project, THE TRIBE: REBOOT.

25 Apr 2016

The Tribe: Reboot [Teaser]

To celebrate the anniversary for the release date of THE TRIBE on UK television back in 1999, take a peak at our teaser for the development of our The Tribe: Reboot project!