The Tribe Animation

The announcement of the cancellation of THE TRIBE hit many fans hard, and as Raymond Thompson sought several different avenues and networks to try and somehow continue the show – which gave birth in the meantime to The New Tomorrow – many fans were awaiting that announcement for a real continuation.

In this special twilight period of a ‘tribe revival’ there was a lot of communication with fans, and a lot of ideas and concepts were proposed, including a Sims style game based on THE TRIBE!

Eventually, the idea emerged for an animation project, and artwork quickly followed.

The immediate benefits for such a project are easy to see: an animation format would have allowed for a lower budget than a filmed televised series, it would allow the inclusion of new and old cast members who had been relocated across the globe, and of course there was a lot that could be presented in such a format.

Fans were about to finally get their so-wished-for series 6.

Unfortunately, this animated continuation of the show never materialised. The ‘tribe revival’ period soon disappeared, and it wouldn’t be until many years later that communication was re-established with fans, with a new attempt at a revival born within the continuation novel – A New World.