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20 Jun 2018

‘The Tribe’ Released On Lightbox In New Zealand

The Tribe has finally gone ‘home’, arriving back in its New Zealand roots, with a launch on the Lightbox platform.

10 Jun 2018

May & Salene Deleted Kiss Scene Recovered

After our recent video interview with Victoria Spence which confirmed that there was indeed a filmed kiss between May and Salene in series 5 of The Tribe, that very deleted scene has now been uncovered by Tribeworld from their archives!

13 Mar 2018

The Tribe Is Now Available On Pickbox

It is still really incredible to see The Tribe make its way to new networks and media outlets. It has just been announced that the entire series has now been made available on Pickbox.

04 Feb 2018

The Tribe: Commemorative DVD Coming To Vimeo

It has just been announced that the special limited-edition Commemorative DVD of The Tribe, released back in June 2011, will now be released onto the Vimeo HD platform.

23 Dec 2017

Raymond Thompson’s 2017 Christmas Update On The Tribe

Raymond Thompson provides us with the latest update concerning any future The Tribe material.

15 Dec 2017

The Tribe Now Released On Vimeo HD

The Tribe, alongside a massive back catalogue of Cloud 9 shows, have now been released onto Vimeo in HD. The quality is top notch!