From time to time, there have been promises of new music tracks that unfortunately have not materialised. Most of these unreleased tracks came from the 2011-2012 period, when the franchise was making a concentrated effort to get out new content for the fandom.


On 10th February 2012, the first in a series of new possible tribe music demos was released by The Tribe Official. A love song for Amber and Bray, Lost In You is a beautiful and haunting track for the pairing. The video also included a personal message from Dwayne Cameron (aka Bray).

However, since then, the song has now passed hands and has been officially released by Petula Clark. You can check out both versions below.


On 20th February 2012, Ghost Town, a demo track for possible upcoming tribal music, had just been released. The song centers on the daughter of Zoot, Brady, and on the wasteland that the City becomes after the virus hits.


On 17th February 2012, another new demo track for possible upcoming tribal music had been released titled, Without You. Another love song, this track echoes sentiments about the fans and their undying support for the show.


On 26th June 2011, an official statement was released concerning an exciting new music project:

“Dimbleby & Capper (D&C) is an exciting young musical talent – and a fan of The TribeWorking with John Williams (composer of many of the songs, and producer of The Tribe’s Abe Messiah album), D&C will be bringing some new Tribe inspired music to the world in the near future.”

Unfortunately, the partnership never materialised, but you can check out her style of music (and clothing!) in the video.