BRAY is concerned for DANNI as the Chosen hold the tribe leaders captive, while back at the mall the extent of TRUDY’s deception finally becomes clear.

Hosted by Lance.
Panel members consisting of Liz, Sabine and Karlan.
Episode research conducted by Matt and Lance.

Podcast Discussion Points:
[00:00] Episode intro and summary
[03:06] Bray and Lex – crisis management
[08:35] Should Ryan have intervened to stop Patsy’s interrogation?
[13:21] The tribal leaders praising Zoot … a little unrealistic?
[26:01] The ridiculous scene when the Mall Rats don’t believe Alice
[31:11] Subpar line delivery and script discussion
[38:22] You’re gonna need bigger guns to subdue Alice!
[41:06] Bray’s ‘to be a hero’ pep talk to Jack
[47:10] Mall Rats in captivity
[52:27] Jack’s incredibly short hero journey and resolution
[1:04:54] Danni runs out of options