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’12 Dogs Drive’ Featuring Caleb Ross

12 Dogs. One Man. 3,500km and a sled. Then wheels. 12 Dogs Drive – The Run Home tells the story of Justin Allen’s epic journey from the subarctic town of Churchill, Manitoba to Saint John, New Brunswick. Featuring cinematography and field direction by Caleb Ross (Lex).

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Review – 211

I’m not even sure if I can do this, but I give 211, -5 stars. The stars it could have earned should go to The Dark Horse, giving it a grand total of 10 stars. Yes. That is how much I didn’t like this movie.

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In Production – Fighting Season

A six-part event drama that surrounds the invisible men and women who fight for their country (Australia), what they bring home from the war, discovering what of themselves they’ve left behind, the secrets that must remain hidden. Starring Jay Ryan (Blue) as Sgt Sean Collins.

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‘211’ Starring Dwayne Cameron

Officer Mike Chandler and a young civilian passenger find themselves unprepared and outgunned when fate puts them squarely in-the-crosshairs of a daring bank heist that is being carried out by a fearless team of highly trained and heavily armed men. Starring Dwayne Cameron (Bray) as Steve MacAvoy.

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