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06 Jan 2018

‘Starshine’ – New Single Release From The Last Picture Show (Matt Robinson)

The Last Picture Show featuring Matt Robinson (Slade) have released Starshine, a new single release.

08 Jun 2017

Vanessa Stacey ‘Stood Still’

Vanessa Stacey (Alice) has released Stool Still, a double single release which consists of two very distinct versions – one with a full band, and the second is a live acoustic version.

29 May 2017

Vanessa Stacey’s Double Single Release ‘Stood Still’ Out Soon!

Vanessa Stacey will be releasing a double single titled ‘Stood Still’ on 9th June 2017!

22 Feb 2017

Minor Music Section Update: Appearance + Lyrics

The music section has undergone a minor update. The overall appearance of the content has improved – and is more consistent across the content – and a new section with Song Lyrics has also been added.

12 Oct 2013

Development Updates

Raymond Thompson has released a new statement on the development of various projects.

27 May 2013

Drew Neemia Features On ‘Paint Fade’ By Smashproof

Drew Neemia (Fisheye) sings the hook on the New Zealand rap group Smashproof track, ‘PAINT FADE‘.