Written By

Laura McCafferty

THE TRIBE was a truly outstanding show and one which really gave viewers an understanding of what the world would really be like without adults in the world to guide them.

One thing that is not touched upon in THE TRIBE is modern weaponry. From guns to knives to bombs(!), all serious weaponry is missing from THE TRIBE. During fights and battles the people of THE TRIBE are forced to use sticks, baseball bats and even pillows.

So where did all the weaponry go?

As we know Lex and Ryan were seen being trained in army barracks and yet they did not bring any weaponry from the barracks with them. One would assume that hand guns, automatic guns, grenades, etc. would all be available on the base and yet they don’t have anything like this when we first see them in season 1.

Even in general terms a large city, such as the one THE TRIBE is set in, would have numerous police stations which would have some weaponry in them. Maybe not lots of weaponry, depending on where the city would be located in the fictional world, but there would be some form of weaponry in the station.

From the writer’s point of view I can understand the reluctance to use items like guns and knives. The use of guns and knives etc. would create a much grittier and dark storyline and this may not have been something that they wanted to move towards with a young audience. However, it is the fact that guns are never mentioned in the Tribal world – not even once.

This is the most intriguing part and has left many Tribe fans wondering why.

There are various ways that the writers could have dealt with the lack of guns in the show; they could have been used to ‘extinction’ during the loneliness, the adults could have destroyed the weapons, or they could have been stored away from the kids. The writers would have put the minds of a lot of fans at rest with the addition of a small piece of dialogue on the lack of weaponry in THE TRIBE.

However, at this point in time there is still no mention of any kind of dangerous weaponry and we, as fans, are left wondering – where have all the weapons gone??

With the introduction of the new books, this might be something that is eventually touched upon. In the latest books cryogenic chambers were found in a highly secure area. Could this be somewhere that the adults would have stored dangerous weaponry? There is also the potential that a new Tribe movie or series (which we still hold hope for at some point in time) will discuss this topic and bring it to the forefront.

Will this be a question that is answered soon, or will this be a question that is forever in the mind of Tribe fans around the world?