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Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S2 E2

The tribe returns to the mall only to find an unwelcome guest lurking in the shadows. Elsewhere, BRAY tries to convince a mistrustful DANNI of his motives, while EBONY attempts to lure LEX back to the dark side. With the antidote in their possession the Mallrats face a dilemma over sharing it with the rest of the city, but without the formula to be able to produce more have they only earned themselves a temporary reprieve?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S2 E1

The Mallrats discover that there is an antidote to the Virus but their joy is short-lived when an explosion at Eagle Mountain has tragic consequences. In their grief, TAI SAN rallies the tribe to return to the city to search for the antidote that could save all their lives, although EBONY has her own reasons for wanting it. Meanwhile, a new tribe spot the satellite in the sky and begin a journey of their own.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E52

The Mallrats have encountered a literal roadblock on their way to Eagle Mountain, but they’re saved by the sudden arrival of BRAY and EBONY in one of the Locos’ buses. BRAY’s reception by AMBER, however, is chilly, much to his confusion. But just when all hope seems to be lost, the Mallrats finally reach their destination and are delivered one final message from the long-lost adults, which places them securely in the driver’s seat of their own destiny.