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Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E25

Thinking it will land him more late-night encounters, LEX encourages TAI SAN to teach him the ways of spiritual awakenings. TRUDY’s return to the mall prompts mixed emotions and concern over DAL’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, having confided in another new member of the Nomads— a boy named SASHA— DAL finds himself also wanting to return to the mall. But will TROY and SUSANNAH allow it?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E24

TAI SAN continues to elude LEX’s affections the morning after their trysts, much to LEX’s confusion and frustration. Meanwhile, RYAN has romantic — though odd — dreams about ZANDRA. On the beach, DAL and TRUDY are enjoying their new hosts, but TRUDY begins to have second thoughts about life outside the mall and decides to go back, leaving DAL with the Nomads. How will TROY and SUSANNAH react when they discover TRUDY missing the following morning?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E23

Fed up with the tribe, TRUDY and DAL depart the mall, leaving only a note behind. Meanwhile with his eye on TAI SAN, LEX confides in RYAN that he’s lost his interest in ZANDRA. Elsewhere, DAL and TRUDY come upon a group of friendly nomads who’ve offered their camp as a new home to the disgruntled travellers. Back at the mall, the Mallrats take in a new member after he’s caught rooting through LEX’s bags.