Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E44

KC is gambling away the tribe members’ personal items, including the pig! Can CLOE help win it all back? Meanwhile, LEX is feeling the effects of the virus and, having seen TAI SAN’s recovery, decides to try her method instead of taking the antidote. However, TAI SAN’s method requires LEX to be free of a heavy conscience, leading him to a series of confessions to each member of the Mallrats.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E43

AMBER, BRAY, LEX, and DAL are trapped inside the lab at Hope Island with little time to escape before “full decontamination” of the facility is initiated. Elsewhere, TAI SAN’s symptoms worsen, despite her regular meditation. And CLOE stumbles upon a discovery about KC that could mean the end for the tribe’s pet pig!

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E42

AMBER, BRAY, LEX, and DAL head to Hope Island with the belief that they’ll find information about a cure for the virus. Unfortunately, what they find en route is an abandoned minefield! Meanwhile TAI SAN begins showing symptoms of the virus, but refuses to treat it with science or technology. And RYAN catches SALENE in the act of bingeing once again.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E41

BRAY, AMBER, LEX, DAL, and KC split into two teams and leave the mall to find any clues to a cure for the virus affecting GLEN. While out, DAL makes a startling discovery about LEX. And KC’s own wit is put to the test when his team is confronted with members of the Locos. Back at the mall however, GLEN appears to be recovering slightly— but is it due to a promise made between him and his former love, ZANDRA?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E40

What was once believed to be a blessing becomes the Mallrats’ worst nightmare when it’s discovered that the mysterious old man seen wandering the streets is actually GLEN, who now has the virus and has begun rapidly aging— and he’s not the only one out there. Is the virus contagious? If so, are the Mallrats now infected?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E39

PATSY has come face-to-face with the mysterious adult wandering about and convinces him to come back to the mall in hopes that he’ll help restore order and hope to the group. However, back at the mall, LEX has organized a trial in an effort to expel BRAY. And TRUDY finds herself once again worried about SALENE’s bulimia.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E38

JACK believes he’s made a discovery that could potentially change the lives of everyone: an adult wandering the streets! But can he get the others to believe him? In the meantime, BRAY convinces the tribe to clean and decorate the mall to liven the place up. To everyone’s surprise LEX is on board from the start. But is this just another of LEX’s tricks to boot BRAY from power?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E37

SASHA’s departure has left AMBER depressed and unable to let go, leading to further power struggles with LEX. LEX’s distaste for the situation is only inflamed after BRAY offers to step up for the tribe. And despite RYAN’s reassurance that he will watch over her, SALENE’s bulimia threatens to rear its ugly head once again.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E36

RYAN and SALENE become considerably closer as he helps her escape her newfound prison and she entrusts her secrets to him. Having decided to leave the tribe, AMBER and SASHA return to the mall to find the gang in shambles. Can AMBER truly leave the only family she’s had since the virus struck months earlier?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E35

With the place in complete disarray, TRUDY is becoming increasingly frustrated with being the only person who works around the mall. JACK wants to become more mobile and enlists DAL and KC to make it happen. Meanwhile ROANNE and DIRK use SALENE’s addiction against her, taking her prisoner. And another day spent with SASHA at the beach leads AMBER to a very dramatic situation.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E34

LEX and ZANDRA celebrate their honeymoon away from the others, while AMBER and SASHA spend their own time away. RYAN and BRAY have taken to sulking. Elsewhere, SALENE makes a deal with ROANNE that could go terribly awry.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E33

The mall is hopping with everyone working on the upcoming wedding of ZANDRA and LEX. While some of the girls help ZANDRA prepare for the big day, TAI SAN meditates for the young couple, and JACK and DAL work feverishly on getting the fountain operational for the ceremony. Afterwards, the boys partake in a little — or a lot — of the cider they procured in the trade with the farm tribe, leading to disastrous results. Meanwhile, SALENE has taken to stealing other Mallrats’ personal items for bartering with ROANNE.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E32

SALENE is warned by ROANNE to bring items to barter for food next time she comes to the warehouse. Meanwhile, to make good on ZANDRA’s desire for a nice wedding meal, SASHA leads a group to trade with another tribe living at a nearby farm. But despite BRAY’s warning to leave the mall after the wedding ceremony, SASHA finds himself getting even closer with AMBER.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E31

A lot more food has gone missing, and people are starting to notice. SASHA is becoming more and more a favorite among the Mallrats, including AMBER. BRAY, however, isn’t nearly as keen on SASHA’s presence. With DAL, now back home and in tight with JACK, KC is beginning to feel left out. Meanwhile, as RYAN finally agrees to write LEX’s vows for him, ZANDRA tries to convince AMBER to officiate their ceremony. And SALENE may have finally met her match when her bulimia sets her off on a mission to find more food, leading her to stumble upon what appears to be an abandoned warehouse.