Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 Special #1

The podcast team tackle subject matter from throughout the show, including: couples that we wished could have happened, characters we simply can’t defend, characters who got bad breaks, and our tribal rants.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E26

The Nomads have decided against DAL’s leaving the tribe and have taken him prisoner. SASHA’s attempt to release him lands him in custody as well – but what do the Nomads have in store for their prisoners? Back at the mall, a heartbroken ZANDRA confronts RYAN over his involvement in keeping LEX’s affair with TAI SAN a secret, and LEX begs for yet another chance with his former intended.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E25

Thinking it will land him more late-night encounters, LEX encourages TAI SAN to teach him the ways of spiritual awakenings. TRUDY’s return to the mall prompts mixed emotions and concern over DAL’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, having confided in another new member of the Nomads— a boy named SASHA— DAL finds himself also wanting to return to the mall. But will TROY and SUSANNAH allow it?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E24

TAI SAN continues to elude LEX’s affections the morning after their trysts, much to LEX’s confusion and frustration. Meanwhile, RYAN has romantic — though odd — dreams about ZANDRA. On the beach, DAL and TRUDY are enjoying their new hosts, but TRUDY begins to have second thoughts about life outside the mall and decides to go back, leaving DAL with the Nomads. How will TROY and SUSANNAH react when they discover TRUDY missing the following morning?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E23

Fed up with the tribe, TRUDY and DAL depart the mall, leaving only a note behind. Meanwhile with his eye on TAI SAN, LEX confides in RYAN that he’s lost his interest in ZANDRA. Elsewhere, DAL and TRUDY come upon a group of friendly nomads who’ve offered their camp as a new home to the disgruntled travellers. Back at the mall, the Mallrats take in a new member after he’s caught rooting through LEX’s bags.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E22

Tensions are high within the Mallrats. TRUDY has woken from her self-imposed slumber, becomes confrontational with AMBER and gives BRAY the silent treatment. Meanwhile ZANDRA has her suspicions about SALENE’s involvement in TRUDY’s overdose. The relationship between DAL and JACK grows worse as DAL grows more interested in the human condition than in technology.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E21

TRUDY decides to take her depression into her own hands by drowning a bunch of sleeping pills and is discovered by SALENE, who chooses to do nothing about it. Although TRUDY regains consciousness, DAL suffers from guilty feelings for having having brought the pills into the mall to begin with. And the relationship between DAL and JACK is strained when DAL chooses to spend more time helping restore TRUDY to health than working with JACK on this homemade battery charger.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E20

As the Mallrats prepare for the impending attack on the mall by the Locos, BRAY sets EBONY straight with the truth about ZOOT’s mysterious disappearance and comes to an agreement with the Locos’ new leader. Meanwhile ZANDRA learns of LEX’s indiscretions that led to EBONY’s escape and refuses to forgive him. Matters may not be improved when TAI SAN decides to make things more harmonious.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E19

Following her encounter with LEX, EBONY escapes the mall, leaving the Mallrats to wonder if they’re safe in staying. Meanwhile PAUL’s disappearance has PATSY worried, and TRUDY finally comes clean to AMBER with her feelings about BRAY and SALENE’s budding romance.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E18

Much to ZANDRA’s chagrin and LEX’s relief, the wedding is interrupted when EBONY is discovered within the mall and imprisoned by the tribe members. But EBONY’s capture may be short-lived if she can bait the right person into letting her go.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E17

BRAY’s been captured by the Locos, and their new leader, EBONY, wants to know everything he has to tell about ZOOT’s whereabouts. Meanwhile its’s wedding day for ZANDRA and LEX— but can all possibly go off without a hitch?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E16

ZANDRA is ready to take things to the next level with LEX, but when their date goes horribly awry, the other girls in the tribe feel LEX should be punished. And now, with ZANDRA single, would an advance by RYAN finally be welcome?

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E15

While in danger of being caught by the Locos in the forest, CLOE is rescued by a mysterious girl named TAI-SAN. BRAY finds himself deeper in the middle of the unwelcome feud between TRUDY and SALENE when TRUDY finds out that SALENE accompanied BRAY in their retrieval of water. Once CLOE and TAI-SAN make it back to the mall, a party is thrown to celebrate CLOE’s homecoming. But while it is a festive event for some, others it spells heartbreak.

Conversations On Eagle Mountain (The Tribe Podcast) S1 E14

With CLOE missing from the night before, LEX organizes a search party, but unfortunately they’re headed in the wrong direction. CLOE observes the Locos in there search for ZOOT and later finds herself in danger of bing captured herself. Elsewhere, JACK and DAL continue to work on purifying the recent rainwater and stumble across an ancient breakthrough.