May & Salene’s Missing Kiss

A very special moment for fans of The Tribe, footage has been recovered regarding moments which we were all adamant was purposely removed from series 5 of the show. Due to the pressures of Channel Five and wanting to lower the targeted age range of both the storylines and the themes within the show, a kiss between Salene and May vanished into the ether.

Though the edit was done as best as it could, viewers were left scratching their heads as May and Salene began discussing ‘something’ that had happened between them, until mention of a kiss came about. Fans were certain that the kiss had physically been filmed … but this had never been confirmed.

That was until our Video Interview With Victoria Spence which finally confirmed that a scene was indeed filmed. Shortly after this, The Tribe Official began to unveil that footage to the fans, which consisted of four segments.

It’s amazing that, after all these years, we finally get to see this footage missing from the show. Though the novel continuation, A New World failed to delve into the repercussions of that kiss (i.e it didn’t mention it at all) the follow up novel, A New Dawn, finally set things right.

Ruby Reveals To Ellie That She Is Pregnant

This deleted scene from series 5 of the show is a moment shared between Ruby and Ellie. Seeing Ellie taking care of Brady and Bray Jr, Ruby begins to wonder about how big of a job it is to bring a new life into this crazy world of theirs. She also reveals that she has discovered that she is pregnant.

It is such a nice little scene, that it is a wonder why it wasn’t included in the original edit and broadcast.