“I think they are absolutely sensational and truly inspire me. There is nothing more rewarding for any creative being than to know that something one has created has inspired someone else to create something and add to that creativity and build upon it, so like a snowballing effect there is a creative interconnection and I applaud all the fan videos and productions. I am very inspired and creatively as well as professionally, impressed with the talent and imagination that has been shown.”


“I had a lot of fun doing these – can’t wait to see the finished product!”


“All the best with this production! It’ll be great fun to see the end result! I had lot’s of fun and it brought back those memories of recording ADR for Tribe. It’s great to have fans help build a bridge between our show and the upcoming film. Here’s to keeping that dream alive!”


“Hey Lance, Many thanks for the card – it was much appreciated, and the words that everyone wrote were very kind and thoughtful. It was a pleasure to be involved, and I am sure the final film will kick ass. Do pass on my congrats to all the cast and crew – it’s great to see such imagination, creativity and dedication bring the next chapter of The Tribe to life. Power and Chaos my friend, Matt.”


“Wicked remake of the tribe guys! Love watching them all! From Sammy from The Tribe.”