When AMBER and DAL find CLOE wandering the streets, they have her take them to her companions SALENE, PATSY, PAUL, and their dog BOB. Meanwhile, LEX, RYAN, and ZANDRA — laying low after a failed attempt to join The Locusts — decided to pursue AMBER’s newly formed group to the mall, where they all find JACK, it’s self proclaimed owner.

series 1 – episode 1 synopsis

The Team

Host – Lance
Panel – Sabine, Hill, Liz and Catha
Research – Lance and Catha

Podcast Discussion Points

  • core concept discussion about the virus
  • Trudy’s flashback discussion
  • crafting the lore – keeping the City vague and nameless
  • transport in tribeworld
  • tribestyles and tribal markings
  • Techno markings debate – makeup vs tattoo
  • First Impressions: Trudy and Bray
  • First Impressions: Amber and Dal
  • First Impressions: Salene, Patsy, Paul and Cloe
  • The Tribe timeline discussion
  • First Impressions: Lex, Ryan, Zandra and Glen
  • First Impressions: Zoot and Ebony – Was Zoot killed off to early? Zoot’s lasting legacy. Meryl Cassie shining as Ebony
  • The lack of weapons in tribeworld
  • Thoughts on the Mall
  • Final thoughts on episode 1
  • Favourite quotes from episode 1
  • Lex’s Zinger Of The Week by Hill

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