A mysterious figure watches the group at the mall as AMBER informs DAL that they can’t abandon the others. The group decides to form a new tribe of their own, make their home in the mall and, on sharing supplies and resources, forge a safer future. But what to do with the prisoners? With little choice, AMBER offers LEX, RYAN, and ZANDRA, the opportunity to join the tribe on the group’s terms.

series 1 – episode 2 synopsis

The Team

Host – Lance
Panel – Sabine, Hill and Liz
Research – Lance and Catha

Podcast Discussion Points

  • Burn the books! Was this a smart or shortsighted sentiment by Zoot?
  • The search for anyone else out there – was Jack naive or was the effort worth it?
  • A discussion about ‘society’ – the allegiances already forming within the Mall
  • Pooling resources – the sharing of food moment
  • Jack’s lack of foresight – why was the mall not secured?!
  • Lex’s bullying tactics and expert social awareness
  • The charmer versus the bully – Bray vs Lex
  • Coming together as a tribe – the call to arms
  • Favourite quotes from episode 2
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