BRAY explains that he’s been spying on the tribe to make sure the mall is a safe place to bring TRUDY to have her baby— but should she be allowed to stay? Meanwhile, CLOE finds a new four legged friend that’s been chased through the streets by the locusts, and PATSY and PAUL discover JACK’s secret stash of food.

series 1 – episode 3 synopsis

The Team

Host – Lance
Panel – Sabine, Hill and Liz
Research – Lance and Catha

Podcast Discussion Points

  • Tension so thick you could cut it with a knife! – Lex and Bray
  • Trudy being vegetarian. Was it great that she held onto her values … or was it a selfish aspect to hold onto?
  • “I eat everything I can get.” Expert foreshadowing or a simple line?
  • Jack’s persistent claim over the mall and that secret food stash
  • Carefree Cloe – escaping the mall in favour of Bluebell
  • Manipulative Bray – offering food … that he only moments ago just stole!
  • “You can’t just not have an opinion!” Is Dal holding some resentment over not leaving the City?
  • Ryan … stupid or misunderstood?
  • Frustrated Lex
  • Ambex – the tease of Amber and Lex
  • The vote – boys vs girls
  • Bray’s speech … throwing his toys out the pram?
  • Favourite quotes from episode 3
  • Lex’s Zinger of the Week
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