BRAY still hasn’t returned, and TRUDY continues to be ill, preventing her from feeding the newborn baby and prompting DAL to make the dangerous trek to his father’s surgery at the abandoned hospital for antibiotics. Meanwhile, AMBER takes charge and implements a rationing system for food and water, such to the dismay of LEX and RYAN who bully JACK into doubling their portions.

series 1 – episode 5 synopsis

The Team

Host – Lance
Panel – Sabine, Hill and Liz
Research – Lance and Catha

Podcast Discussion Points

  • Bravado or stupidity? Bray’s raid on the Demon Dog’s supply stores
  • Lack of planning – a discussion (once again!) on Bray’s lack of foresight
  • Do you enjoy the mystery surrounding Bray? Or does it drive you crazy?
  • Jack and Dal’s views on security
  • The doctor and the patient. Should the tribe have supported Dal more? And was anyone concerned for Trudy’s health?
  • The firefighter – Amber trying to handle the rising chaos
  • Master Thief Paul and his cohort, Patsy
  • That sign by the secret food store. Did the mall have nuclear warheads?
  • Lex, Ryan and sabotaging the water rationing system
  • Lex’s advances on Amber. Genuine? Or frustration over Bray?
  • Final thoughts on the episode – Bray’s shock that the tribe thought that he’d run off on Trudy
  • Favourite quotes from episode 5
  • Lex’s zinger of the week

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