TRUDY’s illness has worsened, and BRAY’s persistent disappearances are increasingly aggravating the rest of the group. Meanwhile, LEX has an apparent change of heart when it comes to TRUDY’s well-being, and BRAY’s secret may finally be revealed… or will it?

series 1 – episode 6 synopsis

The Team

Host – Lance
Panel – Sabine and Liz
Research – Lance and Catha

Podcast Discussion Points

  • The loss of the adults – Amber’s guard finally slips
  • Legacy of your parents – Dal shoulders the responsibility
  • Just a little crush? We discuss the animal attraction that everyone has with Bray
  • The secret – Bray and Zoot
  • Sadistic Bray and his blackmail of Cloe
  • Bray’s personal decision – saving his brother vs saving Trudy
  • Cloud of misery – a discussion of Lex
  • Food talk – that trading moment
  • Feel the burn! Amber rips Bray to shred
  • Sibling discussion – Bray and Zoot
  • Favourite quotes from episode 6
  • Lex zingers from the episode
  • A window into life within the Locos

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