SALENE is fed up with the lack or respect for the chore assignments around the mall. TRUDY is awake and doing much better, but will a reluctant meeting with a mysterious stranger put her over the edge?

series 1 – episode 7 synopsis

The Team

Host – Lance
Panel – Sabine, Hill and Liz
Research – Lance and Catha

Podcast Discussion Points

  • A new tomorrow. Was Bray’s dreams for the future ever feasible?
  • Religion vs practicality – Amber intervenes between Jack and Cloe
  • Zoot’s status as a religious icon
  • Observant Jack and Dal shouldering the responsibility for Trudy’s health
  • How the kids have been coping with the loss of the adults
  • “For you to be more like Bray.” The seven words you DO NOT say to Lex!
  • Lex vs Bray discussion
  • The food deputy – Adult Salene takes charge
  • Trudy’s disconnect with her newborn child
  • Personal hygiene discussion
  • Trudy’s decision to finally meet ‘him’
  • Is Lex scared of Bray?
  • Favourite quotes from episode 7
  • Lex’s zinger of the week

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