TRUDY and THE GUARDIAN work together to try and win over BRAY, while ALICE attempts to drive a wedge between them. ELLIE is guilt-ridden over JACK’s transportation, and LEX asks PRIDE for help.

Hosted by Lance.
Panel members consisting of Liz and Sabine.
Episode research conducted by Matt and Lance.

[00:00] Episode intro and summary
[01:41] The torture and indoctrination of Bray
[15:48] Trudy’s punishment
[24:00] The Mall Rats finally have a debate
[29:40] Discovering the Gaian tribe. The upcoming you-know-what
[37:20] The curse of the Mall Rats
[41:15] Trudy’s love for Bray
[48:21] Ellie grills Patsy for information
[53:43] Bray’s defiance of the Guardian