Category : Fandom

24 Apr 2017

Tribe Revival Is Reborn!

Tribe Revival was a fan hub that originally existed several years ago and has now been reborn! This brand new forum will serve as a space for tribe fans to come together.

13 Apr 2017

Tribal Easter Eggs

Time for some tribe spirit to see the holiday through, and what better way than with some tribe-inspired Easter Eggs!

05 Oct 2016

Tribe Gathering Europe Cancelled

It was a long shot, however, it is with great sadness that we have to report that The Tribe Gathering Europe will not be an event that we will see in the future.

24 Sep 2016

The Tribe Logic

Check out this funny fan parody of THE TRIBE!

25 Sep 2015

Buttercup / The Impossible Dream

The underlining theme of THE TRIBE has always been to ‘keep the dream alive’, and this very touching story is a testament to that.

06 Sep 2015

The Tribe [Legendary Movie Trailer]

A concept video showcasing what a trailer could look like if Legendary Films produced a movie version of THE TRIBE.