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Sabrina Maree Frye


  1. What was it like having to play such a pivotal character on the show? Did you feel any associated pressures at all due to the role? Or did the very ensemble nature of the show and cast really help in that regard?
  2. I know that you are aware of the fandom’s dedication since you have been to several tribe tours over the years (including the London Hippodrome event where Lance personally met you for a signing – what feels like a lifetime ago!) but does it surprise you at all that the fandom is still going strong, even after all this time? And are you aware of the story’s continuation in the form of new novels?
  3. Aside from the novels, there has been a lot of discussions and hope over the years by Raymond Thompson concerning a Tribe reboot in the form of a potential new movie or television series (and we’re still crossing our fingers that this will happen someday!) Let’s say that this did go through – and if you did have the choice – what famous celebrity would you most like to play the role of Amber, and why?
  4. Amber’s shocking ‘death’ at the beginning of series 2 was quite a jaw-dropping revelation for viewers, especially in television at the time, as losing such a central character just wasn’t the norm. What exactly was the background story concerning your exit from the show, and what brought you back for series 3? Was this something that was always established and left open for you, or was the character arc – and the unfolding storyline of Eagle – something that was created when you wished to return?
  5. The show eventually came to a close at the end of its fifth series, robbing a major section of the fandom a chance at a precious onscreen reunion between the couple of Amber and Bray. But what some fans might not know is that we did kind of get the next best thing. Since the amazingly successful and ongoing kids entertainment show, Power Rangers, moved to New Zealand, a lot of the tribe cast have featured in its various instalments, including yourself. In Operation Overdrive, you played the role of Vella, providing us with an onscreen reunion between yourself and Dwayne Cameron, who played the role of the Ranger, Tyzonn. What was it like working alongside Dwayne once more? And did it bring back any tribal memories?
  6. From one extreme end of the spectrum to the other … you later went on to play a really great character in the form of Brooke Freeman in the ongoing New Zealand drama, Shortland Street. Very focussed, career driven, fashionable, and with an intense dislike for anyone seeing her weaknesses, just what was it like to play such a role – especially compared to someone like Amber?
  7. After a really good run, you were forced to say goodbye to the character, and to the show itself, because of your planned move to America. How did this decision come about, and was it a difficult choice to have to make? And how does life compare there in comparison to New Zealand? How did you find the transition?
  8. We know that you have been involved in a lot of theatre work over the years, which can be quite a different experience than television altogether. Do you prefer the more intimate and immediate performance of the stage, or does the visual spectacle and scope of a filmed story appeal to you more?
  9. What are your plans for the future? Would you consider going back into acting in an ongoing role? Or would you do something in theatre once again? Is there anything that your fans can look forward to?
  10. And finally, ultimate tribal showdown time, and there can only be one … Sasha, Bray or Jay?

We can’t thank Beth enough for taking time out to record this interview with us! All the best for the future, and we look forward to you returning to our screens!