It’s the day of the Mallrats double wedding, but with RYAN worried that SALENE will get cold feet and JACK misplacing TAI SAN’s ring, will everything go to plan? Meanwhile TRUDY leaves EBONY defenceless as the Chosen strike.

Hosted by Lance.
Panel members consisting of Liz, Sabine, Maggie, and featuring guest panel member, Octavia.
Episode research conducted by Matt and Lance.

Podcast Discussion Points:
[00:00] Episode intro and summary
[01:58] Spotlight on our guest podcaster, Octavia
[18:34] Deep discussion on Alice and Tai San’s friendship
[34:54] Ebony’s paranoia ramps up
[48:01] Jack and Dal’s comedy antics
[57:09] The groom’s concerns on his wedding day
[1:09:35] Lex and Zandra – the best grief journey
[1:21:27] The double Mall Rat wedding!
[1:29:30] Sorry Maggie, but we hate Danni’s outfit!
[1:32:28] Cultist Patsy discussion. Is Ebony dead?