With the rest of the Mallrats captured, BRAY, LEX, RYAN and JACK must come up with a plan and find allies in the city before THE GUARDIAN’s ultimatum expires. Can they defeat the Chosen for good?

Hosted by Lance.
Panel members consisting of Liz, Sabine, Maggie and Matt.
Episode research conducted by Matt and Lance.

[00:00] Episode intro and summary
[01:59] Bray’s impending death not phasing Trudy
[06:56] The threat that Bray could have been
[11:38] Lex and Bray appealing for help
[25:37] Trudy taunting Danni. Discuss!
[32:38] A frustrated Alice in captivity
[36:55] Smoke ’em out!
[46:00] Salene confesses all to Ryan. Did you buy into it?
[52:28] Battle at the beach
[1:00:18] The fight choreography
[1:05:11] Dune buggy hilarity
[1:16:28] The last shot of Danni