The captured Mallrats start distributing their resistance leaflets but are unprepared for the consequences. EBONY asks PRIDE to speak to BRAY in order to clear the bad feeling in the rebel camp, while TRUDY finds out about TAI SAN’s visits to THE GUARDIAN and takes drastic action.

Hosted by Lance.
Panel members consisting of Liz and Sabine.
Episode research conducted by Matt and Lance.

[00:00] Episode intro and summary
[02:28] Alice, Ellie and Ryan’s meaningless actions
[09:54] Salene thinks (finally) about her relationship with Ryan
[19:33] Power and chaos forever!
[30:29] No Ebony hate or Amber flaws
[36:05] Trudy confronts ‘alley cat’ Tai-San
[47:08] Ebony’s (non) apology to Bray and propositioning Lex
[51:32] Macho Bray
[53:56] Busted! Luke confronts Ellie
[1:03:45] Trudy offers herself to The Guardian