In the sequel to the critically acclaimed best selling, ‘The Tribe: A New Dawn’ and ‘The Tribe: A New World’, ‘The Tribe: (R)Evolution’ is the third novel in the long awaited continuing saga based upon the cult television series ‘The Tribe’.

What secrets lay hidden in the ominous Eagle Mountain?

Who are The Collective?  And will the identity of  their enigmatic leader be revealed?

Where is safe if invaders of faraway lands, intent on expanding their empire and fracturing alliances of all those struggling to rebuild and survive, ruthlessly pursue their own vision for the future and quest to gain domination and absolute power?

How does The Broker and The Selector fit into all the mystery surrounding Project Eden?  Does anyone survive The Cube and the nightmarish Void?

Can the Mall Rats overcome all the unbearable challenges and obstacles they encounter to build a new and better world from the ashes of the old?

Will they conquer their adversaries and ever recover from the heartache and  agonising conflicts they experience in their personal lives?

Facing the very real threat of human extinction – can they endure?  Adapt?  Evolve?  Survive? And keep their dream alive?