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14 Jul 2017

‘How To Survive The Virus’ A Tips & Tricks Compilation By Steifa

Have a read of How To Survive The Virus, a compilation of various tips and tricks on how to survive if the inevitable occurs. Written by Tribe fan, Emma Steifa Leonardsson and updated daily!

30 Nov 2014

A New Dawn

Following many challenges, the Mall Rats find themselves faced with an even greater struggle as they try to unravel the many unexplained mysteries they now encounter.

06 Jul 2014

The Tribe Reboot Movie / Series Announcement!

Today, Raymond Thompson has announced some astonishing news that is set to shock THE TRIBE fans the world over.

12 Oct 2013

Development Updates

Raymond Thompson has released a new statement on the development of various projects.

25 Nov 2012

Birth Of The Mall Rats

The world began without the human race. Now, after a mysterious pandemic decimates the entire adult population, it looks as if it will end exactly the same way.

10 Jun 2012

Updates From Ray

A new update from Ray concerning the progress of developments.