“Hey Tribeworld,

It is difficult to believe that when we reactivated Tribeworld and announced new Tribal developments that my beloved Dad (who was always a huge Tribe fan since the days way back when I was a young teenager and was keen to do a story about young people changing the world) was really thrilled. It still weighs very heavily that he became ill and passed away, which also put me way behind with many plans because I needed ‘time out’.

The journey has been very interesting and complex to say the least. What starts out as a sprint invariably ends up a marathon with seemingly taking one step forward and two steps back at times. And with so many third parties involved from agents to lawyers, studios to directors and producers, it has often felt like an impossible task to find the right home for The Tribe. I have met and discussed my hopes and dreams with so many great people – and other people who didn’t share the direction I had in mind and of course it is always difficult if one doesn’t have a shared vision. Some wanted to get involved but not the way that I wanted to proceed and I certainly couldn’t get involved the way they wanted to proceed.

Throughout various negotiations I have been unable to release any details due to matters of confidentiality. So I am very sorry for the absence of updates of late.

In keeping though with the theme of our premise about keeping the dream alive, I am very pleased to advise that I have now concluded an agreement to bring more Tribal projects to you (as well as some other projects I have in development). There will be an official press release going out in the next month or so but I wanted to give you an exclusive update.

I am sure that many of you are aware of some of the wonderful projects and titles brought to global audiences via Legendary (their credits include Batman The Dark Knight, Inception, 300, The Hangover, Pacific Rim, Superman: Man Of Steel, Godzilla, etc) and projects coming soon include Warcraft, Interstellar, Jurassic World. Legendary recently launched a television division as well headed by some very talented people brought in from Warner Bros and Fox (and credits they greenlighted include Two and A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural and more).

Legendary is acknowledged as a brand targeting a particular ComicCon demographic and iconic fan bases whereby they respect source material and given that they believe very much in the concept of The Tribe – I am convinced that they are the right home…

With Hollywood being what it is I have experienced many who said that the series is natural for a movie version – and when the movie version is placed on the market, they then say it is perfect for a television series (going around in circles – welcome to the world of Hollywood).

Legendary however can see a 360 degree strategy based upon and inspired by the concept encompassing gaming, comics, motion pictures, book publishing, and what is very exciting, new television series and sequels (out of the Star Trek mould).

The next few months will be very busy but I will bring you all up to date on any information (as and when I have cleared the release of it).

Interwoven with this though we are now able to continue proceeding on a whole bunch of other fronts in parallel. A J Penn’s follow up to ‘The Tribe: A New World’ (I’ve read a draft and think it’s really terrific and that you will love it) will be released for the Christmas market (with pre-orders around November). Harry is doing a great job on the new Tribe play and he and I are discussing some interesting scenarios including a premise of The Tribe ten years later (i.e. in addition to the Legendary vehicle).

I will soon be re-entering discussions with John Williams about new Tribe music, I gather that a translator has been working on a German version of ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ which should be released soon, we are also soon to authorise a Spanish translation on ‘The Tribe: A New World’ and hope to also bring some foreign language translations of Harry’s fabulous Tribeworld tie-in ‘The Tribe: Birth Of The Mall Rats’.

I am sorry that I have been unable to respond personally to many emails and messages (I do try and answer as many as I can) but for those requesting access to our Tribe collectables – I’ll check with the team and see what stock levels we have and depending upon this we might be able to release some of the heritage limited edition material.

Also I have been invited to many conventions but have been unable to officially accept due to all the negotiations over the past while. However now they are concluded I believe that I will be in a position to attend many in the future (and at one of the ComicCons I and The Tribe team might have the pleasure of meeting some of you personally – I am disappointed to have missed out on the attendance at DragonCon a few years ago).

I can understand how frustrating it must seem at times with no announcements or activity. But it’s all very complex, especially when we are in negotiations and with so many other parties involved (lawyers, agents, distributors, studios) with decisions not being entirely ours. But we are making headway at least.

At some point we will try and bring about another Tribal gathering. We just have to find the time and dovetail it into whoever else is available.

I think it’s wonderful – and I am certainly very proud – to see so many of The Tribe cast who have stayed in the industry doing so well (and great that you continue to support them).

To those who haven’t stayed in the industry, I am equally as proud to see them flourishing in their personal and business lives.

It is also very special for me (and inspiring) to know that all our Tribal brothers and sisters are there. And have been there for us for so long now. You really are very loyal and the Tribal community throughout the world is indeed a special place.

Until the next time,

Keeping the dream alive – always,

With much love to you all