“Hi Tribeworld!

A belated Happy New Year to all Tribal brothers and sisters around the world and a very Happy Valentines Day as well. The support of our Tribal community means so much and I thought it would be appropriate on today of all days to give you an update as well as to say my very best and wish lotsa love to you all.

Firstly though, once again thank you for your messages about my Dad. 2012 was a difficult year and I am slowly coming to terms with my Dad’s passing. In addition to this, my wife lost her mother, and another family member was taken very ill.  They say that things occur in threes – we’ve certainly had our experience of this.

But thankfully we’re moving forward now and getting back on an even keel. I have been meeting with A.J. Penn, who is going full steam ahead with writing the sequel to “A New World”, and we estimate a release date of around June this year for the new book! We also had our Cloud 9 team attend the American Film Market towards the end of 2012, and I am pleased to say that the motion picture is developing very well. Due to my Dad’s passing, I am running way behind on lots of stuff but at least we are now meeting various directors (and I’ll give more information to our Facebook team when further details are known).

The main thing is that there are lots of exciting things and much happening where The Tribe is concerned. When time permits I will also get back to working with John Williams to release some new Tribal music tracks.

We will also release some other soundtracks from our other titles and try to get as many episodes as possible on our Youtube channels: http://www.youtube.com/thetribetvseries and http://www.youtube.com/cloud9groupchannel.

I have some meetings with our distributor and we will try to arrange for more DVD releases and repeat broadcasts wherever possible (we will reveal details whenever known).

We are looking at different merchandising options, and I am also making Tribe plays available to be performed in schools. I have even been discussing with Harry Duffin about the possibility of a Tribe musical!

I would like to congratulate Harry on doing a great job on the novel “Birth of the Mall Rats” and hope you enjoyed it. If there is enough demand, then we can certainly make more adapted novels like BOTM available (in addition to new stories).

I have had several requests to do a follow up to “Keeping the Dream Alive”, and if I can ever find enough time to get to it, then I will.

We are also discussing a new collectable book with never before seen photographs, information on make up and wardrobe and details of the Tribe locations… all kinds of trivia! More information if and when it comes.

Looks like we are about 150 likes away from our 50k Facebook Tribal Gathering. We are thinking about plans for the new gathering – we really need to do something extra special to celebrate this important milestone. Stay tuned!

Something we are looking at doing is having more cast chats on Facebook. The events were always popular and fun, so we are looking forward to getting back into them.

So this is just an interim update. With all the issues in my personal life, I have been struggling to catch up, but at least we are making great progress.

Thank you all for your continued support! The loyalty of the Tribe community never ceases to amaze me, and I continue to be touched to know that after so many years you continue to be there for us. I will do all that I can to always be SURE that I (and our team) will be there for you too.

With my very best Tribal wishes and lots of love to you all.

Stay Tribal! I certainly am.

Keeping the Dream Alive…