“Hey Tribeworld,

It is difficult to believe that we are approaching the end of 2015 and I wanted to take this opportunity of giving you all an update.

I know it must be frustrating to wait for news but often matters are out of our control as we are bound by various confidential clauses regarding a variety of rights.

However it has been a very busy year with lots of progress being made.

For all of this – there is a term in Hollywood known as ‘development hell’ and I have certainly suffered from this. (Projects can often take so long to develop even for the major iconic titles for a number of reasons ranging from scheduling to budgets – let alone assembling a team who share the same creative vision).

I have never been driven by the fiscal or material and therefore would never be motivated to ‘sell out’ The Tribe to any party in Hollywood. A new project has to honour the creative spirit of what has gone before and only if I felt comfortable that a party would build and consolidate on the series.

For example, I have been working with an A-list director and although I respect and admire his body of work – sadly have been unable to share the same creative vision. To retain the creative integrity is paramount for me and I know that all within Tribe fandom share that aspiration. So I have waited for various options to expire and have been negotiating with third parties as it is important to me to associate with those who respect the very special Tribe brand (rather than change it – change is ok if it is for the better) and all we aspired to do with the series.

In addition – with so many platforms coming on stream, the motion picture and television industry (like book publishing and music/records) is evolving in an exciting way but with the vast costs of mounting productions and with more and more outlets being made available, it is very difficult to structure the best framework from a commercial and business point of view – let alone creative.

Many with whom I have been in discussion in Hollywood have said that there really should be a motion picture adaptation of The Tribe series and yet when others read the screenplays which have been developed they say there should be a new series for television instead but suffice to say (as I am legally unable to go into detail) there has been ‘creative differences’ and overall things go round and round in frustrating circles (all part of the development hell process). And regarding any of my creative work I would prefer to do it the right way – or not at all.

So the journey continues.

I thought you might be interested in seeing the attached press release (http://www.tribeworld.com/2015/press-release/) which is going out in the coming weeks and overall, now that some important options have expired and the rights are clear, I am able to proceed in the right direction and will do all I can to bring more Tribal product into existence (including more books, music, and perhaps even a Tribal game). Harry has been working on a stage play. I am still in negotiations with parties regarding a musical and remain focused on not solely trying to bring a motion picture adaptation to fruition – but another series (and if it had been my decision alone, then you can be sure that this would have occurred by now).

The loyalty and support of all within our Tribal fandom is very special to me and means a great deal – and further fuels my passion (in addition to my creative aspirations).

So – onwards. And upwards. Stay Tribal. And above all keep the dream alive.

And I’ll update you on any news that I have as and when it all unfolds.

For those who celebrate Christmas – I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and to all within the Tribe fandom I extend my festive tribal greetings and best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and happy New Year.

Much love to you all and as always, thank you for being there.

Ray x”