Hey Tribeworld,

It’s been a while. The TTO team asked if I would provide some updates due to a lot of queries regarding books and any other information.

As you’ll recall, post-Cloud 9’s deal with Legendary, I made a decision to try and retain the creative integrity of The Tribe which is very important to me (as well as yourselves and all the Cloud 9 team) and simply could not reconcile creative differences and therefore decided to look for alternative ways than the mega budget studio system.

So I have been developing various elements via an independent production and am making progress. Not solely for a motion-picture version but also a sequel. We are still in development and it all takes time. It’s just the state of the industry. All part of the process (you might remember my references to ‘development hell’). Also, the market is quite saturated and the landscape is changing with online and multiplatforms (and outlets such as Netflix and Amazon) but this also brings opportunities. Due to the complexity of various rights, I’ve had to hold back on some of the books and those interested in a sequel for television become a little concerned at a motion picture version and vice versa. But I wanted you to all know that I’m doing all I can to make it happen (and only want it to happen if it’s done the right way and I know you all share my aspirations on that).

I’ll keep you up to date when I have some definitive news but am cautiously optimistic on how matters are progressing. I was feeling very down a few months ago until someone mentioned that Wonder Woman took about 75 years to become a movie. I couldn’t bear the wait on The Tribe but have been round long enough to know that what starts out as a sprint always ends up a marathon (it took me about 15 years to eventually start production on the television series in the first place, so I’m used to it but stubbornly never give up on things that I believe in). I am still very much committed to chasing a few unfulfilled dreams creatively and The Tribe is a high priority.

Thank you all for being there. Our Tribeworld community really is very special to me and your loyalty and support means a great deal. That is what is truly special and has always touched me in a profound way. I can’t guarantee we’ll get there in the end but it certainly won’t be for the want of trying and I am very pleased to have overcome some major obstacles of late.

I can guarantee though that there will be more books and am looking forward to reading a draft from AJ. I am hopeful also to be working with John (Williams) on some new music and Harry and I are still trying to launch The Tribe play and I have even had some approaches about a Tribe musical. So step by step we will get there. It’s juggling a lot of different plates regarding all the holdbacks and rights. But I’ve been focused on the motion picture and sequel and didn’t want to jeopardise those negotiations. More information will be available soon and as and when I know it.

Until then, much love to you all. And as always, thank you for keeping my own dream alive and I will always be there in turn to do all I can to keep the dream alive.

Ray x

* * * * *