Hey Tribeworld, I hope all is well with you. All is good with me.

It’s been a very busy year and I am really pleased with the results of the conversion to HD which is now available on Vimeo to stream or download to own. As a result of so many requests, we took a deep breath and did some other titles in the catalogue and so I hope you’re enjoying those as well (especially those which feature your favourite Tribal cast). It was a mammoth task but at least is there for posterity now, which is really great.

I wanted to give you a quick update because I know many are interested in any news such as if there will be more novels. AJ is busy writing away but has been delayed a little due to feeling a bit demotivated and it’s interesting for creative beings that people can read 1000 positive reviews and one negative one and will lose confidence, focusing on the negative, forgetting all about the positive.

So I have recommended that it’s probably a good idea not to read either positive or negative (a lot of actors and actresses do this) otherwise it can do your head in and one must never second guess in the creative process otherwise it can become a nightmare (hence the term ‘writer’s block’) . So, there should definitely be another novel published in 2018 and I will give the TTO team more news as and when I have it.

I am also hopeful to be releasing more music if I can assemble the team to get back into the studio.

And I’m still working with Harry on The Tribe stage play and a possible musical. But it all takes so much time.

Speaking of which, as an exclusive to Tribeworld I can reveal that I’ve been in deep discussions about a possible sequel and we are developing one. That doesn’t mean to say that one will happen of course. It’s very similar to bringing about a motion picture, which incidentally is still in development.

I had a look at some Facebook comments when I popped in and smiled at TTO’s reference to one saying that if the person in question had a spare $100m then they are sure I would shoot the film tomorrow which is exactly true on one hand – but on the other hand I would want it to work creatively, which was a bit of a problem with the Legendary deal.

A lot of you might be aware if you read the book ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ that it took many years to even bring the original Tribe series to fruition. It’s all part of the business. Known as ‘development hell’. It always starts out a sprint and ends up a marathon because it’s so very expensive and complex. But I’m actually heartened because I’ve made good progress this year so fingers-crossed for 2018. I’ll certainly give news as and when I have it.

The entire premise of The Tribe of course is to keep the dream alive and I was chatting with someone today (bearing in mind the positive and negative vibes of life) that there can be a twisted logic in our industry and a great metaphor is that when the sun rises, the rooster crows. Some people then believe that the rooster controls the sunrise (which to some is logical) and will feed it  . But of course, the sun will always rise and the rooster will always crow and I also believe that as with that sun rising, failure can never occur through any singular defeat. Only when one gives up. Nothing succeeds like persistence. And I’ll keep going and in many ways, like AJ am very motivated by the positive and very special relationship with all Tribal brothers and sisters around the world. You’ve been there for us for so long and your loyalty and devotion means a great deal to me. So I’ll keep trying just as long as you want to have more Tribal activity.

Back to the rooster and sunrise. Working in Hollywood these past few years I have come to realise that they tend to feed the rooster in many ways (not all but it’s due to being governed by Wall Street) whereby the real power in my view is the consumer (as well as the creative people) who really do represent the true sunrise (i.e. without you there would be no product in the first place and it frustrates me that the suits in Hollywood often don’t seem to recognise that and try and make creative changes to fit whatever their agenda is, which invariably is not always down to doing the best for the show or the consumer… such as casting so called marquee names… I am sure many of you would not be happy to have some so called A-list actors or actresses play your favourite roles which our talented cast really gave birth to and I will always honour that rather than sell out).

It’s a source of enormous pride to see the cast doing so well in all their endeavours. Many have stayed in the business – such as Tom, who is a very talented producer as well as an actor (and without giving away any spoilers, Tom and I have even been discussing collaborating together on the movie version and sequel which for me would be extra special to keep this activity in the Tribal family).

But within ‘development hell’ is availability. For instance, at Legendary I was working with an A-list director and discovered that with the projects he had in the pipeline that he actually wouldn’t be available for about 3 years. So it’s much better to try and remain independent rather than on the Hollywood timeframes and power/machine, so I’ll soldier on in pursuit of true autonomy and believe that no one can ever fail in life if they really try (even if something doesn’t come to fruition, endeavour is such a virtue).

I should also point out how lovely it is to see other Tribal cast who haven’t stayed in the industry doing so well within their own endeavours. Which doesn’t surprise me as they are all special people (otherwise I wouldn’t have cast them  ). They are all, without exception, true A-listers in my eyes and I know you all share the same sentiments too.

Anyway, I’ll announce details as and when I have them but in the meantime wanted to take this opportunity of wishing you and your loved ones my very best wishes for Christmas (if you celebrate it) and Happy Holidays for all. I hope 2018 brings you much peace, happiness, health and prosperity.

Much love to you all

Ray x